System Requirements

The UMedic Multimedia Computer Curriculum in Cardiology features high-quality video generated by software compatible with current multimedia PCs or laptops. Software for installation on local area networks is provided at no cost.

Client Stations (UMedic run from CD-ROM or Server*)
Windows 2000 or later required
500 MHz CPU or faster
Minimum 128MB RAM
50MB hard drive space
16 bit color at 640 x 480
16 bit compatible sound card
10/100 Network Interface Card
*Read permissions to location of server files
*Two multimedia speakers (Headphones are advised for optimal fidelity of heart sounds and murmurs.)

Server System Pentium® III 800 MHz + 256MB RAM
3.5 GB (per series of UMedic) free drive space visible to profiles that the client software is to be installed
10/100 switched LAN